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Mod. 04X - PERLA MBF-F


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  • Code PRL04X-MBF

Tank Pad Mod. 04X - PERLA MBF-F

Tank protection with anti-scratch and anti-slip function, consists of 65 embossed disks, independent and  with different diameters. The flexible structure and the hi-tach adhesive allow a perfect adaptation to the shape of the tank, ensuring a good adhesion and stability over time.

  • Replacing central logo "My Choice":

And 'possible to replace the subject / logo with one of many in the series "My Choice" available at the store. The replacement of the logo is simple andnot causes damage to the tank protection.

  • Mounting:

The instructions exposed in the package, showing how to mount in a simple and safe, even for the less experienced. This operation takes only a few minutes and requires no delll'ausilio of specialized personnel.



Common to all tank protection ParaPal

  • Voluntary removal:

The adhesive material optimized for this product does not damage the original paint of the tank. In the case of voluntary removal, you should always use extreme caution, taking all the necessary precautions to treat professional adhesive materials. Do not use under any circumstances harsh chemicals on the paintwork.

  • Warnings:

Not liable in any way for damage to persons or property resulting from improper use of our products, which deviates even slightly from the destination of use for which they were designed and manufactured.


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